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We also offer light kits and audio packages. Click on the links below for more information.

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With the help of a specialized freight forwarder MGMjibs is able to provide you door to door equipment delivery service around the world.

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Jib Products

We understand that every production has a different intended purposes for a jib. Some need a 30ft. sweep during a rock concert, while others, a 6ft jib for their interview setup does the trick.

At the jibs smallest configuration (6ft.), it's ideal for shooting tabletop promos, interviews, and works well in confined spaces. At the jibs maximum configuration (30ft.) your bird's-eye, high angle, and EXT. establishing, shots can truly take flight.

We know cost is always a factor and the inability to sacrifice safety and quality are paramount. At MGMjibs our goal is to achieve both.

Triangle Package

Package 1 Includes:

Package 2 Includes:

Package 3 Includes:

Standard Operators Kit

Additional Accessories

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