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Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

We're asked a lot of questions regarding product specs, camera compatibility, payment options, etc. Here in the FAQ section you'll read questions asked by other professionals and answered by us here at MGMjibs.


What is the maximum camera weight for the Triangle Jimmy Jib?


The max camera weight for the jib is 50lbs. If it's built in the Giant (12ft.) configuration without the strut cable the max camera weight drops to 25lbs. Also, when using the 360˚ Video Dutch Head the max camera weight is 25lbs. at every length.


How much time does it take to build the jib?

And how long does it take to break-down?


For a Standard (6ft.) built the average time is 30min. When building the Jib in the Extreme (30ft.) configuration the build time averages 1hr. Hiring a qualified Jib Technician will decrease the build time by half.

The break-down takes the same amount of time.

The first step in a productive build is deciding on the easiest path to load in the cases. The further away the build /shooting location is from the unloading zone results in more time spent before the building can begin. When shooting in an area where the Jib has to be built long distances from the loading/unloading zone (stadium environments, large fields) a production supplied flatbed golf cart or mule is the fastest way.

Extra man power is the next best way, Jib Technician.


Can I pay my invoice with a Credit Card?


Yes you can. So let this count toward your Flyer Miles. Just Smile

Visa - MasterCard - American Express - Discover


Are you able to connect my Red One camera to the Jib?


With Start /Stop control for every length (6ft. through 30ft.) of theJjib, 32 pitch and 48 pitch film focus gears and motors (fits 15mm and 19mm rods), and a Panasonic 7.9" HD/SDI field monitor, we're able to accommodate your Red One Camera Packages.

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